Are you looking for best means for your fitness journey? Are you looking forward for some goal weight or tone up your entire body? Then you are at the right pace and place! You need to join the like-minded community to have fun fitness activity and smarter nutrition to reach your target goals. You can achieve personal fitness hk at Hybrid gym that has the highest quality training equipments, mats and designer training rooms to give you the best! You can schedule your appointment with trainers and take up classes through the official website

personal fitness hk

What Does Hybrid Provide You?

At Hybrid, we have the highest coaches of Hong Kong who teaches the Mixed Martial arts. Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner classes on wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BBJ) are taught here. The bjj hong kong is designed with a more personal touch in fitness training. The Fight Camp Program is a 12-weeks intense program in 1-on-1 private sessions. We have health bar, protein shakes, coffees and recovery drinks.

The Gym offers both 1-on-1 personal training and group sessions in HK to suit your body types and needs. The personal coaches guide you by your side from the start to the end. Hybrid also provides multi-faceted nutrition, recovery as well as training sessions in a fixed timeline. The group sessions are planned for 45-60 minutes of intense workouts including athletic, conditioning, strength and cardio classes. The special custom body shaping program called as the Hybrid Athlete program is a big hit among fitness freaks of Hong Kong. This has sessions on recovery, mobility, nutrition, consistency and tracking process to maintain good body shape both inside and outside the gym.

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